Kathy Hanchek

We Are All In This Together

A letter from Executive Director: Linda M. Garrett 

There is no doubt that life has changed dramatically for you in a very short time and I hope you and your loved ones are well and safe right now.

As we all have, I have been following the news of the COVID-19 pandemic with concern and if you are like me, you are looking for ways to help and keep your sanity too.

Staying on top of ever changing regulations to keep our amazing staff safe and working, juggling working remotely, taking care of my family at home, and checking in on distant (and not so distant) friends and family, I am also making sure to spend time outside daily.

During a recent daily sanity walk, I noticed something that touched my soul. There were families walking together and I saw kids skipping stones, climbing trees, and doing cartwheels. My hope is that we can all use this time to reconnect with each other and with nature in meaningful ways.

Doing our best to protect our community and our families, in response to public health recommendations and new information coming to light daily, Tug Hill Tomorrow is taking courses of action to do our part to limit the spread of the virus.

  • The office is closed to the public through April 30th and staff will be working remotely. Additionally, all community programs and outings are cancelled during this time.
  • Core conservation projects are proceeding. Staff is continuing to work on closing projects that are lined up, as well as continuing to assist our agricultural community by completing new dairy grant applications.
  • Land protection staff will begin annual monitoring visits and we will be working to complete field work for new projects, practicing social distancing and calling landowners ahead of time if planning to visit your property.
  • Being outside is one of the safest spaces. We all need fresh air and the land trust is encouraging outdoor learning, open windows to stem the spread of germs and, we are working on providing self-guided programs at the Joseph A. Blake Wildlife Sanctuary in Rutland for parents as another option for getting their kids outside and continuing to learn while schools are closed.

Here at the land trust, we consider the Tug Hill community our family. We remain committed to the protection of lands and appreciation of natural and cultural heritage here in Tug Hill. Part of that commitment is doing what we can to preserve the health and wellness of community members.

The land trust is currently working to identify and share possible ways we can assist in supporting our greater community. Whether it be education on the latest news regarding COVID-19 or a trip to the store for essential groceries, we encourage you to take care of yourselves, your families, your neighbors and even those you have never met that may be in need of a helping hand.

Get the latest official information on COVID-19 at:

(CDC) Center for Disease Control & Prevention 

(WHO) World Health Organization

I’d love to hear from you…

If there is anything we can do to support you during this surreal and tumultuous time, please let me know and, if you or someone you know needs direct assistance in any way, call me at 315-778-6949.