Conserving land and water in the Tug Hill Region means a commitment to serving families and people from all walks of life both today and into the future.

The community support we receive each year is central to our ability to make a difference and conserve the lands that are the heart and soul of Tug Hill.


Putting your donations to work

We work with landowners to voluntarily conserve their land, whether it is farmland, woodlands, wetlands are streams and rivers. Tug Hill is facing haphazard development that threatens the ability of these lands to function economically, as well as for wildlife and recreation.

With kids spending more and more time on their electronics, the time is now to get them outside and finding fun, interesting, and challenging experiences. We know from research that today’s youth develop a great deal of their conservation ethic at a young age.

To help with this we provide free programs and walks, and partner with area schools, youth groups, and community organizations to ensure that conservation stands the test of time.

Our financial success rests upon the generosity of individuals as well as foundations, businesses and community groups. We receive 70% of our annual support from people like you.

If you have questions, please email Linda Garrett, Executive Director, at


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