Land Protection

milkweed and native flowers beside pond
Glen Roberts

Amenities for you coming soon in some very special places

Can you feel the anticipation? Plans for making nature areas close to you accessible are underway, and we’re excited to get you out and moving…

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adult feeding two baby swallows
Jeannine Eckel

Conservation is vital for birds and people

We’ve seen the miraculous return of our feathered friends from their winter in the warm south and can now enjoy watching as they nest and…

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Sunlight showing through the trees

New York’s forest at a crossroads

Critical for wildlife, water, recreation and economy Some of New York’s most important wildlife habitat resides in large expanses of forest land. Tug Hill’s forests…

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fall foliage
Heidi Jones

Forests provide more than timber

It wasn’t that long ago when Tug Hill’s woodlands seemed to go on forever, a haven for people and wildlife alike. Over the years, as…

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fall foliage
Lee Ellsworth

Nature is a necessity.

Let’s make sure there’s access close to home.

Between family obligations, school, our jobs, and community responsibilities, it’s a challenge for many of us to break away from our busy lives to experience the…

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couple on Spoon Dairy farm

Withstanding the test of time. Farmland conservation and a new generation.

Shortly after Rob Spoon and Alix Kreuger were married in August of 2000, they began thinking about ways to preserve the farmland they owned. The…

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duck standing on a rock in the wetland

New public conservation area in the works

Partnerships take flight If you’re looking for a place to immerse yourself in nature, surrounded by birds who depend on healthy grasslands, wet meadows, and…

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forest photo
Carl Heilman

It’s all about the trees

New forest conservation program announced There’s good news for New York’s forests. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York office of…

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protecting critical habitat

Critical habitat is protected thanks to a team effort

An unexpected special place helps save threatened and endangered bats If you were driving down Route 11, you might be hard-pressed to know that you…

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fox kit
Joshua Eaves

Four Quick Facts About Conservation Easements

Are you interested in exploring if land conservation might be right for you, or for someone you know? Here are some quick facts that might…

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