Accreditation Promotes Public Trust, Ensures Permanence

“Going through the rigorous accreditation renewal process demonstrates that Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust upholds the highest standards of a not-for-profit organization and is committed to permanently protecting land throughout the Tug Hill region,” explains Bob Quinn, a board member of the land trust.

That’s the sentiment of other board members as well, echoing the organization’s commitment to nonprofit excellence as well as long-term conservation.

Bob Keller, another board member, put it this way, saying, “Saving the working lands and waterways is a way to create a brighter tomorrow for us, our children and our grandchildren. Upholding the standards of Land Trust Accreditation has made us a stronger organization, and we will continue drawing upon this strength to make the Tug Hill region and surrounding area an even better place for everyone to live and play.”

Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust was among 39 land trusts across the United States to achieve accreditation or to have accreditation renewed through 2022.


Joining a national commitment to excellence

We are part of the more than 350 accredited land trusts who demonstrate their commitment to professional excellence, helping to maintain the public’s trust in their work.

“It is exciting to recognize Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust with the distinction of Accreditation,” said Tammara Van Ryn, executive director of the Accreditation Commission. “Accredited land trusts stand together, united behind strong ethical standards ensuring the places people love will be conserved forever. This network of land trusts has demonstrated fiscal accountability, strong organizational leadership and lasting stewardship of conservation land.”

Each accredited land trust must apply for renewal every five years and undergoes a comprehensive review as part of its renewal application. The process is rigorous and strengthens the land trust so they can help landowners and communities achieve their conservation goals.


To find out more

Accredited Land TrustThe Accreditation Commission is an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance, a national land conservation organization. The Commission recognizes conservation excellence by awarding the accreditation seal. More information about land trust accreditation can be found at



Martha Deming

“I’m thrilled they recognized what I already knew. It’s so important to save the land we have; once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Our community would never be the same.

With this recent accreditation, I’m hoping that more landowners will be motivated to protect their land with Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust. It sounds like accreditation is a testament that Tug Hill Tomorrow is a strong, professional, organization—ready to work with people who love the land.”

Martha Deminglandowner and local artist


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