Land for Sale

Land for Sale

You can donate your house, place of business or retirement home and likely qualify for State and Federal tax benefits

Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust accepts gifts of real estate throughout our region as well as different areas of the country including, rural, suburban, urban and land parcels. Properties can include residential and businesses, specifically for the purpose of re-selling them and applying the funds to further our educational and conservation efforts.

These gifts can make a significant impact on our ability to serve our community. It could allow us to increase our free community programs for area schools and the public, it might enable us to restore and maintain a trail, or it could help provide critical outreach and support to area landowners who wish to conserve their land.

Prior to accepting such a generous gift, theTug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust’s staff would work with you to determine if the organization could accept it. If so, you would likely receive a tax deduction for the full value of your gift.

For more information please call Mark Pacilio, Executive Director, at 315-779-8240 or email him at

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Conservation Property for Sale

Are you looking for a beautiful property to build your dream getaway to relax?

A place to go fishing, hiking, or hunting? A spot to unwind. Each of these properties have a conservation easement held by Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust.


Osceola, NY

Cabin with 261 acres of hunting and recreational land. The forest is a mix of hardwood, softwood, and evergreens. There are streams and beaver ponds on the property.