silo with buildings on farm

Conservation changing lives in the Utica area

Conserving land has been a life-long goal for people like Richard Hughes, a Utica area landowner and farmer. “Our family has been here for almost 80 years, and we want to make sure that others…

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light coming in between trees in the snow
Julie Christmas

Your love of Tug Hill shows…

People like you are the engine behind what makes conservation happen in Tug Hill, and this coming year it’s more…

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family outing

Kids are staying inside, even in rural areas

You are helping to change that. Your love of the land may seem natural to you, but it’s more at…

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Copenhagen, NY in January
Kathy Hanchek

Winter Fun Challenge

Want to get outside?

Want to get outside? If you get restless during Tug Hill’s winter season, we have a challenge for you! Come…

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Mark in a fall field

I’m delighted to join the team

I am very pleased to join the team at the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust as the new Executive Director. This…

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Bob on a tractor

200 Years and Counting

A remarkable man conserves his family’s land “Our family came to this area in 1800, just after the Town of…

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duck standing on a rock in the wetland

New public conservation area in the works

Partnerships take flight If you’re looking for a place to immerse yourself in nature, surrounded by birds who depend on…

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reading in the woods

Can a backpack save the day?

Did you know that kids spend more time on their phones and electronic devices than ever before? According to a…

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forest photo
Carl Heilman

It’s all about the trees

New forest conservation program announced There’s good news for New York’s forests. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation and…

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protecting critical habitat
, ,

Critical habitat is protected thanks to a team effort

An unexpected special place helps save threatened and endangered bats If you were driving down Route 11, you might be…

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