volunteers in the wood working to clear the trails of debris

Volunteers enrich outdoor experiences on Tug Hill

Group leader’s efforts fosters fun and community

When Bob McNamara decided to volunteer for the land trust, he wasn’t thinking about becoming a ‘mover and shaker.’ Rather, he just wanted to share his love of the outdoors and have fun with other…

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Bee on purple flower
Jodi Towne

You’re helping pollinators at our conservation areas

Increasing native plant diversity helps pollinators thrive

When Serena Soldani went out to clean off her car this spring, something clicked. “Normally, I would mutter to myself…

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Pond surrounded by forest near Redfield
RD White

Top of Mind from the Bottom of the Hill

Paul and Diane Miller live at the Bottom of the Hill. Tug Hill that is – along Fish Creek near…

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Cornfield and windmills under windy sky in Lowville
Jacqueline Humphrey

Farmers on conserved land are managing for a changing climate

Farmers are innovators, part of the solution

When Lynn Murray conserved his farm in 2015, in the town of Champion, his goal was to ensure that his…

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bright healthy farm fields

Is conservation right for you, or someone you know?

Would you like to protect your land? Do you know someone who might be interested in protecting their farm, woodlands,…

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mowed trail through tall grasses in the fall
Heidi Jones

Nature close to home

Your health and well-being and the future of conservation are linked

With today’s hectic lives full of work, school, sports, and family happenings, we all need easy-to-access public outdoor spaces close…

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performing ongoing trail maintenance

An unwavering love of Tug Hill

Bob and Carol Keller honored for their conservation efforts

If you are looking for folks who walk the conservation walk, you have found them. Bob and Carol Keller have…

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Tracks and Signs book and other guides are included in the Backpack

Making outdoor learning fun and easy

With so many challenges facing families these days, getting outside for fun and learning shouldn’t be one of them. The…

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Albert standing next to a field of rolled hale bales

Farming with the future in mind

When conservation is the right thing to do

The Desormeaux’s farm isn’t just rolling meadows with cows, vast fields that turn golden in the fall, and picturesque barns….

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students developing self-esteem and team building

Inspiring the love of the land

Welcoming experiences in nature last a lifetime

Thanks to partnerships with Verona Beach State Park, Delta Lake State Park, private landowners, Midtown Utica Community Center, and Young…

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