students developing self-esteem and team building

Inspiring the love of the land

Welcoming experiences in nature last a lifetime

Thanks to partnerships with Verona Beach State Park, Delta Lake State Park, private landowners, Midtown Utica Community Center, and Young Scholars LLP in Utica, more young people than ever are finding joy in the outdoors…

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reservoir in the fall with branches stretching over the water
Jeff Brady

Tax-savvy ways to give

When Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s…

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fall scenery large male moose swimming
Joe Wilson, Wirestock Creators

The moose are back! Did you see them?

Some folks did and shared these special moments on social media.

That happened this fall when someone posted, “Hey, did you see that photo of the moose swimming across Alder Pond…

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group hiking on trail
Janet Thompson

A new trail is meandering through the heart of Tug Hill

Volunteer with us to help extend the trail

The soon-to-be 20-mile Traverse Trail will take another leap forward this summer thanks to the help of volunteers, dedicated board…

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milkweed and native flowers beside pond
Glen Roberts

Amenities for you coming soon in some very special places

Can you feel the anticipation? Plans for making nature areas close to you accessible are underway, and we’re excited to…

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field in front of out buildings

Local families conserve Tug Hill’s farms, while there’s still time

What's at Stake

Jonathan Northrop grew up on a dairy farm and dreamt of his own. But as surrounding farms were developed, and…

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nature backpack journaling

Kids are the Future

Tug Hill nature backpacks help kids and families explore the outdoors

More resources for outdoor exploration are in kids’ hands this year, with families spending more quality time together in the…

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adult feeding two baby swallows
Jeannine Eckel

Conservation is vital for birds and people

We’ve seen the miraculous return of our feathered friends from their winter in the warm south and can now enjoy…

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Sunlight showing through the trees

New York’s forest at a crossroads

Critical for wildlife, water, recreation and economy Some of New York’s most important wildlife habitat resides in large expanses of…

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group photo with kids

Youth matter. So does nature. The combination is a “win.”

In the southern region of the Tug Hill, there’s a growing sense of purpose and excitement. You might assume that…

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