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The following stories provide a snapshot into the lives of families throughout Tug Hill who have protected their land. The stories have been selected to depict the diversity of lands, region, family motivations, and partnerships; there are many more stories like these, with over 100 land protection projects now completed.

Not all properties open for public access

All of the protection projects remain in private ownership and are not open to the public unless specifically noted. The lands remain on the tax rolls and are managed by the landowners.

These lands protect critical farm and forest lands, wetlands and waterways, wildlife habitat and scenic views. They are often the landscapes that have made, and continue to make, Tug Hill the special place it is today.

Is land protection right for you?

If you would like to explore how to protect your land please contact Linda Garrett, executive director, for a confidential discussion. She can be reached at (315) 779-8240 or

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