Tom Walker

Top of the Hill Award

Tom, Tug Hill, and a lifetime spent in the out-of-doors

It seems that Tom Walker has always been passionate about Tug Hill. As part of the Tug Hill Trekers outdoor group Tom will tell you stories of his adventures skiing or snow shoeing in the middle of “nowhere” in all that glorious snow that Tug Hill is famous for.

He’s one of those people whose enthusiasm is contagious, with a commitment for land conservation that is ingrained in his personality.

It’s that kind of life-long love of Tug Hill, and unwavering support year after year, that made Tom the obvious recipient of the “Top of the Hill Award” at the 2017 Annual Dinner held at the Tug Hill Vineyard.

“I was a bit stunned, but I guess it’s true: I love this area, and I love helping others conserve their lands by my support of the land trust” exclaimed Tom, “because once this land is gone, it’s gone for good and we can’t let that happen.”

This is the second time we have presented the Top of the Hill award. It was first awarded to board member Dick Hill, on his 90th birthday. The award now to recognizes a donor of a certain age who embodies Dick’s dedication to nature and Tug Hill, honoring Dick’s legacy.