Independence River
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A Family’s Land is Protected Forever in the Town of Greig

A sacred trust, a love together along the Independence River

It seems like it is always cold here in the North Country. The frosty nights of the fall, the blustery, bitter cold of winter and the chilly rains of spring make it challenging to stay warm.

And the snow? You know about the snow. Mounds of it. Sometimes never ending, or so it can seem.

Terry and George Cataldo
Terry and George Cataldo enjoying a moment together on their home along the Independence River.

But that never deterred George and Terry Cataldo. Married for 42 years, they’ve always been together helping out at their local church, attending a concert or community event, or volunteering at Constable Hall.

A little cold weather has never slowed them down. That’s partly because, like many here in Tug Hill, they’re hard workers and take pride in living in harmony with nature, managing their forest for wildlife and the water of the Independence River, as well as personal use.

“It wasn’t always easy, but we’ve found such beauty in this place,” explains Terry, continuing, “living in our house, the one we designed and had built with the trees God planted right here, on this land, is something we have treasured.”

Now in their 80’s, the Cataldo’s recently conserved their land in the Town of Greig, ensuring that the wildlife and woodlands along the river’s edge will provide future owners the same inspiration and haven that it did for them. Their 254 acres of land will continue to be an important part of Tug Hill’s rural character for many generations to come.

Terry pauses for a moment, and remarks, “Protecting this land was so important to us. We have been committed to protecting it for many years. It’s more than land, trees and the water, and even wildlife. It’s the very soul of who we are. We are so happy to have the peace of mind knowing it will not be developed, and future generations will be able to enjoy it like we have.”

Dave Evan’s, Terry’s son, smiles when he hears this and nods his head. “My mom and step-dad have cared for this land together for over 40 years. It is almost like a sacred trust that they were blessed to receive and share with others,” reflects Dave.

“Their love for each other, and their faith, is manifested in this land and the days and years they spent honoring their special piece of God’s creation.”