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An unwavering love of Tug Hill

Bob and Carol Keller honored for their conservation efforts

If you are looking for folks who walk the conservation walk, you have found them.

Bob and Carol Keller have stood by the land trust year after year, conserving their land, participating in forest conservation efforts, cheering on community programs and the establishment of new public conservation areas, and contributing quietly to strategic initiatives.

Their unwavering support and generosity were recently honored at our fall Annual Meeting with the dedication of Keller Mohawk Hill Public Conservation Area.

Bob and Carol want you to know that this is a team effort. They love working lands, like well-managed forests and farms and treasure unique places for birds and wildlife. The Kellers also recognize that connecting kids to nature is the future of conservation and have embraced our efforts to connect to urban, suburban, and rural areas in and near Tug Hill.

To ensure that the land trust continues to thrive, they have also included Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust in their wills. Throughout the past 15 years, the Kellers’ steadfast efforts, combined with other land trust supporters, have been key to protecting, improving, and expanding the local places where people, like you, and nature, can thrive together.

Thank you, Bob and Carol, for all you have done and all you continue to do. You are an inspiration.