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You and the birds make conservation and kids thrive

How do you get a group of energetic second graders to be quiet for 15 magical minutes? Put up a bird feeder and wait for the birds to arrive.

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Susan Jeffers, a teacher at Mount Markham Elementary School in West Winefield, NY, knows that birds can bring science to life—for many kids,
it becomes a highlight in their day. “Tangible, interactive learning is so important,” notes Susan. “We find the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust Bird Quest a spring highlight of our class.”

Research has shown that birds are a gateway to better observation and focus skills, important elements of education. It also can ignite a life-long passion for the out-of-doors. As Susan said, “It makes the kids more aware about what’s going in the world around them.” Learning to love wildlife, and have a great time in school doing it, is what the future of conservation is all about.

Through the Bird Quest students learn about the habits and habitats of birds, and how birds are important to our ecosystems. Donations from local businesses including Noble Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe’s of Watertown, Walmart Super Center, and White’s Lumber allows us to provide the bird seed and bird feeders, to over 30 schools and 15 homeschool families.

An excerpt from Land Trust Alliance article “Birdwatching from the School Window” by Rose Jenkins.

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