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Local families conserve Tug Hill’s farms, while there’s still time

What's at Stake

Farms in process. Acres to be conserved.

Jonathan Northrop grew up on a dairy farm and dreamt of his own. But as surrounding farms were developed, and land prices increased, he worried his dream would be lost. Enter conservation.

Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust worked with Jonathan and his family, and the county farmland protection board, to submit a successful NYS farmland protection grant. Now, 940 acres of farmland will be protected, in the towns of Brownville, Clayton and Orleans.

“Jonathan’s dad, Michael, conserved his family’s home-farm in the towns of Adams and Rodman,” explained John Souva, Land Protection/Education & Outreach Manager. “Like many farmers, Jonathan is now continuing his family legacy by protecting his own farm. We’re so happy to be able to help.” The Northrop Farm is one of 14 ongoing farmland protection projects.


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