If you care about long-term conservation and connecting people from all walks of life to the land, then contributing to our endowment is a great way to make sure that will happen. For years to come.

Gifts of any size can be designated towards our endowment.


There are two options:

We have established an endowment fund in Tug Hill Tomorrow’s name at:

Endowment gifts can come from a bequest in your will, a gift of land for resale (protected if it has conservation importance), a gift of a home or business, appreciated stock, or life insurance.

The Community Foundations manage our endowments carefully, ensuring that we are able to generate annual proceeds to help fund our yearly conservation work while keeping the principal intact for the long-haul.


We are working to grow the endowment to allow it to help us to:

  • Work with families to conserve new lands
  • Assist and support families who have already conserved their land to ensure they have the information they need to implement the conservation vision for that property.
  • Offer free, community-based, programs for kids and adults throughout our region. These programs are designed to celebrate nature and farms, clean water and wildlife while connecting people to the land and each other.
  • Provide a variety of outreach materials, host talks and seminars, and enhance our community’s understanding of the work we do and what’s at stake.
  • Restore and manage conservation lands.


If you would like to contribute to our endowment please contact Mark Pacilio, Executive Director, at mpacilio@tughilltomorrowlandtrust.org or call him at (315) 779-8240.

Your gift will keep conservation thriving in Tug Hill for generations to come.

Bob Keller
Why I Care

Making a Difference

“I donate annually to keep the conservation programs going; and I donate periodically to the endowment to ensure that the land trust is here, for years to come.

I find it very gratifying to know I can help make a difference like this.”

Bob Keller