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Preventing Nature Deficit Disorder

Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Guest Post by: Jenny Miller

In a world consumed by social media and various forms of technology, more children, teens, and adults are displaying signs of nature-deficit disorder (NDD) — a term that describes the consequences of spending too little time outdoors and much of our lives cooped inside our homes. To get more families outside and prevent NDD from occurring, we’ve put together a list of the following resources and outdoor activities for children and adults alike!

Learn Something New in Your Own Backyard

Explore the State Where You Live

Plan a Camping Trip

Play a Sport

Now that you have some fun outdoor activities to enjoy with your children, it’s time to get your kids outside for a few hours of playtime — or maybe even a full weekend of outdoor fun and excitement. Whether you stargaze in your backyard or spend a weekend camping, you’ll teach your kids to appreciate the great outdoors while protecting them from nature-deficit disorder.