Salmon River Falls by Mark Emery
©Mark Emery

Salmon River Falls Unique Area

Town of Orwell – Oswego County, NY

Salmon River Falls Unique Area encompasses 112 acres of land. The 110-foot Salmon River Falls and the scenic gorge are the popular attractions of this wonderful parcel of state land.

In 2000 the Gorge Trail was built leading from the Falls Trail to the bottom of the gorge. This 600-foot trail is a steep demanding trail only suited for the physically fit. There are two sections of stairway. The trial was built by the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) trial crew under contract with the DEC. In 2008 maintenance and improvement work was again done on the trail by the ADK trail crew.

Extending upstream from the Falls Trail is the Upper Falls Trail which is approximately a one-mile trail that runs along the north side of the river to Dam Road. The trail was built with the help of the Oswego County Youth Bureau in 1995.

The River Bed trail leads from the end of the Falls Trail to the river bed upstream of the falls. This short, treacherous, steep, eroding trail was upgraded in 2008 as steps built by the ADK trail crew.

Orwell, NY
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