volunteers in the wood working to clear the trails of debris

Volunteers enrich outdoor experiences on Tug Hill

Group leader’s efforts fosters fun and community

When Bob McNamara decided to volunteer for the land trust, he wasn’t thinking about becoming a ‘mover and shaker.’ Rather, he just wanted to share his love of the outdoors and have fun with other people on Tug Hill. A few years ago, he took the lead on getting the Tug Hill Traverse Trail, a 20-mile hiking trail through the heart of Tug Hill, underway.

But time spent with Bob has done much more than build a trail. “Bob has become an inspiration for me,” remarked Bob Keller, who also volunteers. “He’s so passionate about making a difference, and he knows that no matter your age, your skills, or how much time you have, there’s something you can do to make Tug Hill a bit better. He’s also brought a lot of fun to the task at hand.”

Thanks to their enthusiasm, we now we have two Bobs who are passionate about volunteering, along with so many others. The impact is indeed inspiring.

“Getting outside and working on the trail with a great group of people is as much fun as hanging out with folks bird watching or canoeing,” reflects Bob McNamara. “We all feel like we’ve made a difference together. I hope others join us.”


Tug Hill Traverse Trail Volunteer Work Days

Join us in the heart of the Tug Hill region to help maintain and extend this 20-mile north/south hiking trail through the deep woods. Stay for an hour, stay for the day – it’s all good.

Days to help maintain and extend the Traverse Trail from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on:

Fri, July 12
Sat, July 27
Fri, Aug 9
Sat, Aug24
Fri, Sept 6
Sat, Sept 21

Email Lin to sign up and receive all the details for the day via email.