Tug Hill 10 Challenge Submission

Tug Hill 10 Challenge

Trail Submission Form

Tug Hill 10 Challenge
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You've met the Challenge!

We like to send you a Tug Hill 10 Challenge patch or decal to commemorate your achievement.

Please fill out the form below, including a list of the ten trails you traveled by foot, bike, snowshoe, or paddle.

Also, upload photos documenting your experience:

  • Nature shots
  • Wildlife you've spotted
  • Fun times with your family or pet
hiking with dog
Tug Hill 10 Challenge


Select your reward

Please choose which Tug Hill 10 Challenge reward you would like to receive:


Share your experience with us

Did you discover a new place or visit favorite places?

List the names of each of the 10 Trails which you visited:


Upload a photo from each of your trail trips. (Optional)

A portrait or an up close image of you, your pet or family, in-action or recreating.

Image size in pixels 1200 x 800, approximately 3 MB in a .JPG file format.

Maximum file size: 4MB

May we post your photos?

I give Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust permission to post my photos on social media or on their website.


Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust congratulates you on meeting the Tug Hill 10 Challenge. We hope to see you on the trails again soon.



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