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Experience Extinction

An emerging problem for conservation

Because so many of us live in, or visit, Tug Hill you might think that folks would be outside every day—hanging out with neighbors and tromping about in the woods and fields—just soaking it all up, right?

Well, not so fast. In our busy lives, and at times crazy weather, people often hunker down and the seasons drift by…and we risk disengaging with the land around us.

It turns out this could be a serious problem if left unchecked. New research published in the journal Ecological Society of America documented that  while everyone needs to get outside, it’s super important to connect kids to nature (and farms) if we want to inspire a lasting love of the out-of-doors.

Indeed, it often takes a mentoring adult and regular experiences of fun and emotional commitment to the land.

To address this challenge, we will continue to offer a wide variety of family-oriented outdoor programs. These programs are free thanks to the generosity of our members and supporters.

Together, we are providing a strong future for conservation because we know, just like you, that conservation is only as strong as the next generation’s passion.

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