Calendar Photo Contest


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Calendar Photo Contest

Designed for all of the talented photographers who like to capture the beauty and uniqueness of Tug Hill!

Everyone loves the Tug Hill Tomorrow Calendar and in addition to the calendar, these photos show up on our website, social media pages, and Greenings newsletters. It’s a great way to share your love of the Tug Hill region and inspire others with your talent.

Thank you to the following Sponsors who are making the 2022 Calendar possible:

Bob and Carol Keller

Coughlin Printing


Christmas and Associates

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Contest Rules & Deadline

The deadline to submit photos for the 2022 Calendar is Monday, May 10th

How to Submit:

  • You may submit up to 10 photos in total for consideration.
  • All photos must be taken in the Tug Hill region.
  • We need photos in all seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall).
  • When submitting your photos use the following naming format: Last_First_Location_Description_MonthTaken.
  • Email your photos to our Communications & Marketing Director, Emily Males at

You can also share your photos with us by using the free file transferring site called We Transfer. Simply add your photos, add your email address, and email them to This site limits you to 2GB per transfer. If your files are over 2GB you may send them in batches or compress them. Here are directions for compressing files on a PC and MAC.

A note about resolution and dpi:

For your photo to be used as one of the main, large month photos it must be a high enough resolution to be printed without becoming pixelated. In general, printing terms this is 300 dpi, with a resolution of 2550 pixels x 3300 pixels.

Typically, iPhone photos do not achieve a high enough resolution – but they can be used for the smaller inset photos throughout the calendar.

By submitting your photo to our Tug Hill Photo Contest, you grant Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust the right to reproduce, distribute, and publicly display the photographs and the right to use your name in publications.