Why I Care

Creating a sanctuary

Our dream is to have our land be our own wildlife sanctuary and pass the farm down to the next generation. Now through this ACUB partnership program, we’re going to be able to do just that.

David Lambright
ACUB Conservation Landowner

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Everyone has a different reason to love, and care about, Tug Hill. If you’d like to share why you care, and or what your favorite place is, we’d love to hear from you. Stories may be shared on social media and other communications as well.

Learn Why Others Care

Immerse oneself

It is a shame to live a life without immersing oneself in the awe and beauty of our natural world. Kim Buker & family THTLT Field Trip participants  

Our efforts will enable future generations to enjoy this property…

I grew up on nearly 300 acres on a busy state highway in rural Amboy, Oswego County. After attending a university and having a career, the love of the land called me back. My wife and two daughters support the goal of assuring that the forests and fields will remain productive yet preserve the wildlife … Read more Our efforts will enable future generations to enjoy this property…

Making a Difference

“I donate annually to keep the conservation programs going; and I donate periodically to the endowment to ensure that the land trust is here, for years to come. I find it very gratifying to know I can help make a difference like this.” Bob Keller Boonville

We’re building a better tomorrow

It is so important to continue to partner with our local communities to protect Tug Hill’s most important wild lands, forests and farms that are a crucial piece of our economy. With the support of these communities and landowners we’re building a better tomorrow. Bob Quinn Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust Board Member Sackets Harbor, … Read more We’re building a better tomorrow

On “the hill”

Where we live it is close to gone forever but up on “the hill” there are so many opportunities to preserve land and we want to be part of preserving this land. Dan & Lisa Sullivan

Sustained for generations to come

I want to know that not just a few years, but many generations down the road there will still be open land for farming, for animals, for birds, for the restoration and sustenance of the human spirit. Martha Deming Owner of Conserved Land Oneida County

Dream come true

For me, this is more than my homestead, this is a wildlife preserve…one of the last places of its kind and that’s why it needs to be protected. Partnering with Tug Hill Tomorrow made this dream come true. Virginia Batchelder Conservation Landowner

A love for a lifetime

Being raised on a small dairy farm in the Tug Hill region with a remarkably beautiful view of the Adirondacks heightened my own appreciation of this landscape and the work involved in raising children, animals, and produce. I see and feel the current changes, economic pressures families face, and the uncertainty of where it is … Read more A love for a lifetime