Land Registry Program

The Land Registry Program is a handshake agreement between the land trust and the landowner, ensuring they will voluntarily monitor and protect specific features of the property. For many landowners this is the first step toward protecting their land.

This is a volunteer program that recognizes landowners for being good stewards of their property. The landowner can back out at any time, and the agreement does not affect the deed.

Tug Hill Tomorrow and the landowner work together to create a document that summarizes the current land use, natural features and wildlife on the property using maps, photographs and verbal descriptions.

Ron Becker started coming to what is now his cherished property many years ago. He began fishing the streams on the land and soon saw how rich it was in wildlife, habitat and history. Ron also recognized what was happening around him—population pressures, recreational development—he didn’t want this place he had grown to love falling victim to these changes. After many years of being a visitor to this special place, Ron had the opportunity to purchase the property.

Download Land Registry Brochure