Explore Tug Hill

Are you looking for a great place to see water falls, perhaps go a hike in a quiet woodland, or explore the wetlands and meadows when looking for amazing birds?

Maybe you’re looking for a nice place to take your family for a quick hike or picnic or go for a ski or join friends snowmobiling?

Well, Tug Hill has that in spades!

Check out some of the featured areas, as well as our own Joseph A. Blake Wildlife Sanctuary

Pixley Falls
Tug Hill Traverse Trail
Bird Club Pond
Delta Lake by Emily Sheridan
Pixley Falls State Park
Tug Hill Traverse Trail
Bird Club Pond
BREIA Trails
Delta Lake
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Tug Hill 10 Challenge

Tug Hill 10 Challenge

Join our trail challenge and explore the many, diverse landscapes and wildlife habitat in Tug Hill.

Document 10 walk, hike, bike, snowshoe, or paddle trails from the Tug Hill Recreation Guide. Then fill out our Challenge form.

We'll send you our Challenge Patch or Decal, your choice, to congratulate you on meeting the achievement!

Hit the Trails

For more than 29 Trail Maps and visitor information read the Tug Hill Recreation Guide

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Inman Gulf at Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls in the Tug Hill State Forest »

Rodman Barnes Corners XC Ski trails
© Geoff Griffiths

Rodman-Barnes Corners Cross Country Ski Trails »

Salmon River Falls by Mark Emery
©Mark Emery

Salmon River Falls Unique Area »

Salmon River Reservoior by Amanda Campton
© Amanda Campton

Salmon River Reservoir »

Steuben Memorial

Steuben Memorial State Historic Site »

Trenton Greenbelt

Trenton Greenbelt »

Tug Hill Traverse Trail

Tug Hill Traverse Trail »

Tug Hill Wildlife Management Area »

Whetstone Gulf South Rim View by Zachary Wakeman
© Zachary Wakeman

Whetstone Gulf State Park »