About Us

We all have our own favorite places in the Tug Hill region – places we hope will stay as they are today. Whether these places are forests or wetlands, farms or streams, fishing spots or swimming holes, Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust is working to protect the land that gives the region its rural character and makes Northern New York State so special – for today and for future generations.

Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust is a regional, private, nonprofit organization founded in 1990 by a group of Tug Hill residents, and incorporated as an independent, nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization in 1991. We work throughout the 2,100 square mile region, serving portions of Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida, Herkimer and Oswego counties.

Since 1991, we have permanently protected almost 17,000 acres, and worked with over 75 landowners. The conserved land includes working farms, productive forestland, recreation and wild lands – all conserved through voluntary, private land protection.

We are also committed to increasing the awareness and appreciation of the Tug Hill region, and accomplish this through publications, educational field trips, community programs and special events. We believe the love of the land starts at a young age; and if conservation is going to last for generations, the next generation of conservation leaders need to care about nature from firsthand experience.

Over time we have found that development pressures have only increased, threatening to make farms unaffordable and to fragment our region’s forests. If we don’t continue to strive to protect the places important to us all, the Tug Hill region could look very different, even in our lifetimes. Thanks to the commitment of our members, and the many foundations that support us, we feel optimistic about the future of our working landscape.

The conservation work of Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust changes the lives of families, creates the next generation of conservation leaders, protects wildlife habitat, invigorates farms, maintains scenic vistas, encourages recreational opportunities, and fosters a renewed sense of community.