“Why I Care” Testimonials

John Bartow

John Bartow
Partner, NYS Tug Hill Commission

"Finding ways to help landowners retain their working landscapes is key to the rural character and economy of the region. Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust is a great tool for landowners and helps them contribute to the region's quality of life."


Dan and Lisa Sullivan

Dan and Lisa Sullivan

"Where we live, it is close to gone forever but up on 'the hill' there are so many opportunities to preserve land. We want to be a part of preserving this land."



David Lambright and Daughter, Bethany
ACUB Conservation Landowner

"Our dream is to have our land be our own wildlife sanctuary and pass the farm down to the next generation. Now through this ACUB partnership program, we're going to be able to do just that."


Bob Quinn
Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust Board Chairman

“It is so important to continue to partner with our local communities to protect Tug Hill’s most important wild lands, forests and farms that are a crucial piece of our economy. With the support of these communities and landowners we’re building a better tomorrow.”


Virginia Batchelder
Conservation Landowner

"For me, this is more than my homestead, this is a wildlife preserve… one of the last places of its kind and that's why it needs to be protected. Partnering with Tug Hill Tomorrow made this dream come true."


Megan Cosgrove
Age 10

“I care about the earth because I believe that you should treat everything equally whether it is a person, or an animal, or even the earth itself. Growing your own food is one is one way to help. So get out there and make a difference!”


Martha Deming
Conservation Landowner

"I want to know that not just a few years, but many generations down the road there will still be open land for farming, for animals, for birds, for the restoration and sustenance of the human spirit.”


Horton Family
ACUB Conservation Landowners

"There are few farm families left... it's a way of life that is disappearing, and we're trying to preserve this important and vital way of life here in the Town of Philadelphia."