Donate Your Land

Donating your land to THTLT is a powerful way to make a lasting difference in your community and in the future of conservation. Even if you don't have a large amount of land with great conservation value, you can still make a difference and leave a lasting impact.

You can donate your land outright, or leave it in your will to THTLT. We become the owner of the property at the time it is donated or upon death of the donor, if it is left in a will.

Donated land is evaluated by THTLT and may or may not be suited for conservation. Instead, it may be used for another purpose (such as public access trails or educational training). If it meets our conservation criteria, then it will be conserved through one of our conservation programs, and may be ultimately sold. The funds generated will then be put toward THTLT's land protection programs.

If your land does not meet the criteria, such as a small parcel or a residence, then it is sold and the proceeds help to protect future farms, forests, and wild lands.

Donating your land - large or small - is a great way for your to make a difference. Not only are you supporting the protection of your local farms and forests, you also receive a tax deduction for your charitable gift (or donated through a will, a lower estate value).

Please view our Planned Giving Program Brochure. If you would like to discuss your land donation options, please contact Linda Garrett at (315) 779-8240.