Land Protection

We believe Tug Hill’s working landscape needs to be protected into the future, and one way we can do that is with land conservation. These important local and family lands that make Tug Hill so special are farms that feed our families with fresh produce and dairy; forests providing timber, firewood and wildlife habitat; and endless recreational opportunities – inviting outdoor adventures and connecting generations, young and old, to the land.

Here at Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust, we work closely with landowners, farm families, partner organizations, towns and villages to protect land with a tool called a conservation easement.

Taking the next step

By discussing your cherished property with you, we can assess the conservation opportunities that best fit you and your property’s resources, your financial or charitable objectives, and your vision for the future of your land.

Please call Executive Director, Linda Garrett at (315) 779-8240 to learn more about how to conserve your land, or land in your community, and be a part of keeping the Tug Hill region special for future generations.

“I grew up on nearly 300 acres on a busy state highway in rural Amboy, Oswego County. After attending a university and having a career, the love of the land called me back. My wife and two daughters support the goal of assuring that the forests and fields will remain productive yet preserve the wildlife habitat forever. Placing our property in the land trust registry is a major step towards our goal of adding a permanent conservation easement to the property’s deed. As this area grows, we get satisfaction knowing that our efforts will enable future generations of both people and wildlife to enjoy this property. Chalk on up for Mother Earth!”

-Cary Fassler, Landowner and Current Board Member