Quests are a fun way for people to receive the benefits of walking in the outdoors, such as developing appreciation of natural spaces and achieving a healthier lifestyle through physical exercise and mental stimulation.  Through these quests, we intend to give a fun and informative focus to the walk, so that it is enjoyable and likely to be repeated.

Questing first evolved out of the practice of “letterboxing” which began in England 150 years ago.  A few years ago, quests became popular in the New England states, and are now used by land trusts throughout the country for family outings, individual exercise, and community walks.

Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust began questing back in 2008, but never fully developed the program until now.  We now have a few Tug Hill quests, and will periodically be adding more.  Each quest is designed to appeal to a range of age groups, including children.  Print off each quest now, and start having fun!  There is no time limit for completing the quests.  Please note that information about the degree of difficulty of the walk and a time estimate are given for each quest.

Once you have completed all quests, visit Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust to receive a prize for your efforts!


Whetstone Gulf State Park Quest