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Snowy Owl by Joshua Eaves

You’re Invited: Full Moon Owl Prowl

The March madness is real and we’re feeling it too. This winter has been a doozy, but we have a fun solution to lift your spirits. Join the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust (THTLT) by the light of the full moon as we go on the prowl for owls on Saturday, March 11th from 5:30 […]

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Williamstown Snowshoe THTLT

Snowshoe Away from Those Winter Blues

Feeling sick and tired of winter this time of year? Switch up your routine and head outside with Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust (THTLT) for a fun snowshoe hike on Saturday, February 11th from 10 am – 2 pm as we explore protected land in Williamstown, Oswego County. Landowners, Cary Fassler and Deb Kahkejian will […]

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A Peek Into the DANC Nature Trails

Didn’t get to join us for the Discover the DANC Nature Trails hike on Saturday, January 14th? Worry not, we have some photos to share with everyone to show you what the trails are like over at DANC. The hike was also covered by the Watertown Daily Times and you can read the entire article […]

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